[GB] Kiibu Otaku Deskmats

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*This is a group buy. By purchasing this item, you acknowledge that the estimated shipping date is Q2 2022 and can vary.*

From MisterMoy of HunterMats
"Kiibu Otaku 「キーブ・オタク」 , or "Keeb Nerd" is what I feel I have turned into these past months.

I went from thinking $60 for a full kit mechanical keyboard was up there to joining in on $200 Group buy on just Keycaps I won't see or touch until 2023 , overnight. oof. I can't deny it though, Nerding out on everything about keyboards have been really fun and have made all the Working from home and Isolating more fun and tolerable. I do miss the money that used to live in my wallet though. kek

Let me know what you guys think and I hope Keyboard nerds out there enjoy this as much as i had fun piecing together this deskmat


Deskmat Specifications:

  • GB Starts: December 22nd, 2021
  • GB Ends: January 22nd, 2022
  • Est. shipping time: Q1-Q2 2022
  • Manufacturer: Zion Studios
  • Super smooth top, rubber bottom
  • 900 x 400 x 4mm
  • Colored, stitched edges
  • Washable with cold water



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Due to the nature of group buys, dates can vary and shipping times can change.* The final product may vary in color since the images shown are renders. We work closely with the manufacturer to ensure the most accurate product.

This product is a group buy and once an order is placed it cannot be canceled and no refunds can be given.

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