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[GB] Esc Lab Series 00 CNY Hu


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 The team from esc lab wishes everyone a happy Chinese New Year, fortune & wealth, and a prosperous Year of the Tiger!

esc lab is welcoming and celebrating the firey and feisty Year of the Tiger by releasing a special edition Series 00 CNY Hu (虎)made of Sandblast Bronze-tinted PVD Brass.

Inspired by traditional Old Chinese bronzeware script (小篆), bespoke calligraphy of the word 虎 (Hu, or Tiger) was designed and laser-engraved onto the familiar Series 00 sculpt.

Series 00 CNY Hu will only be available from the first day of Chinese New Year (春节) Feb 1st 2022 to Feb 15th 2022. 


  1. Will you release more zodiacs? :hush emoji:
  2. Will Series 00 Hu only be available between Feb 1 to 15th? Yes.
  3. Is this made out of bronze or brass? Brass.
  4. Is the brass coated? Yes, with Bronze-tinted PVD.
  5. Did you really make a custom bronzeware inscription-inspired logotype? Yes, Cubic handmade it through a couple dozen iterations.
  6. What is Series 00? A brutalist interpretation of a Cherry-compatible metal artisan sculpt.
  7. Can I fill my whole keyboard with this? Yes, but it will be stupidly expensive + Series 00 was made for row 1 of your keyboard.


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[GB] Esc Lab Series 00 CNY Hu


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