200 Units will be available

Case Angle
5.5 degree typing angle
Mounting Method
Isolation Mounted (PORON Gaskets)

Case Material

Black Hole (Matte Black)

Lunar Gray (Titanium Gray)

Crimson Moon (Bordeaux)

Wilba WT65-Graphite (Solder or Hotswap)

PCB uses USB-C daughterboard

VIA and QMK compatible

Plate Materials
Nickel Plated FR4 is included

Brass plate will be sold as an addon

Brass weight


The Hubble65 kit includes the board, brass weight, pcb, gaskets and feet, and an FR4 Plate

Kit Pricing is $475USD

Technology is best when it brings people together

- Matt Mullenweg

Raffle Info

What is the sale format?

All 200 units will be sold through a raffle. The raffle will have a 12-hour window entry. The raffle will be open from 10am-10pm EST

  • One submission per household. You may not enter under different email addresses, names, mailing addresses etc. Those found circumventing this rule will be banned from future Mechs & Co. raffles.
  • When will invoices go out?
  • Invoices will be sent out to winners within 48 hours of the raffle ending. We'll make an announcement on our Discord server after invoices are sent.

How long do I have to pay?

  • Invoices must be paid within 24 hours of receipt or the invoice will be canceled and the kit given to the next raffle participant. If you need extra time to pay, just send an email to
  • If you would like to change colors or add on extras and don't do so on the raffle form, if you win, send us an email to Order edits MUST be made within 48 hours of invoices going out. Any requests after this period are not permitted.
  • What does the Quality Checking process entail?
    While we strive to provide a perfect experience no kit can be 100% flawless at our scale of production, as such the caveats are as follows:
    - No scratches on exposed / user facing parts of the keyboard (after installation of plate & PCB).
    - Possible machining marks / scratches on the inside of the kit / pieces not exposed to the user. This includes scratches caused by the anodization process.
    The Hubble65 is expected to ship Q1, 2022, however due to the nature of the manufacturing process, times may change and are not guaranteed.
    Please note that your purchase denotes agreement to group buy rules which include all the above

Solder PCB Compatibility

Hotswap PCB Compatibility


Special Thanks

A huge thank you to the following people that have helped us over the course of the designing of the Hubble65.

Yoni Wolf: Lead Designer.
Crykn, The creator of the Dawn:
The Keycult Team: 
Helen Pan:
octix: for providing us with the Apollo Deskmat, Lost in Space:

The entire Mechs & Co. team.

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