Designed by ItzBrian in collaboration with FinalEleven

Base Kit






Einheit Deskmat


Rama X Devoted - Concert Penlight


Rama X Devoted - Rose


Tokkipee X Devoted

The GMK Devoted team has teamed up with Tokkipee to bring these amazing artisans, only available in the US. Base kit purchases will have the option to grab only 1 of 50 of these.

Suiparacords X Devoted

Suichiro has created this masterfully crafted Devoted themed cable. Available to purchase at launch.

Device: Mini, Micro and Type C

Coils: 9 Inch

Aviator: Cerakote Black with Lilac Accent

Total cable length 5ft

Extra Device ends: available

Aurora X Devoted

The GMK Devoted team has team up Wuque Studio to bring a special GMK Devoted Ikki68 Kit Limited to 500 worldwide.

  • Specs

    - Special Edition Designed Case and Devoted Badge
    - Devoted themed JWK switches (75 switches)
    - Devoted themed Recolored OA stabs (6*2U+1 *6.25U included)
    - Multi-layout wired hot swap QMK PCB
    - Aluminum plate (lilac)
    - Silicone dampening pad between PCB & plate
    - Silicone dampening pad between PCB & case
    - Gaskets
    - Keyboard storage case
    - One Coiled USB cable
    - Extra screws, gaskets

  • The Devoted Ikki68 kit will go live February 20th for $195.

Devoted Switches

  • Specs

    -Available at the same time as keycaps
    -Expect pricing to be in line with other JWK Switches
    -Nylon top and bottom housing (blue)
    -POM stem (lilac)
    -Solid color
    -Spring weight 63.5g
    -Tactile (ergo clear clone)


Devoted Stabilizers (Original Aspiration recolors)

  • Specs

    -Available at the same time as keycaps
    -Expect similar pricing to OA stabs
    -Blue Housing
    -Lilac Stem
    -Black Wires

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