[Pre-Order] GMK Arch

Color *
Shell Kit (Base)
Powerline Kit (Bars)
AUR Kit (Novelties)
GUI Kit (Icon Mods)
Localization Kit (NordeUK)
GCC Kit (Ortho/Ergos/40s)
TTY Kit (Alt Alphas)
Asero Foundry 3D Arch
Asero Foundry 2D Arch White
Asero Foundry 2D Arch Blue
Arch Nutcracker
*This is a pre-order. By purchasing these products, you acknowledge the estimated shipping date is late Q2 2022*
What is Arch?
Arch Linux: A minimal Linux Distribution with a focus on Modernity, Simplicity, Versatility, User Centrality, and Pragmatism
Based on these principles, Ramlord brings us this clean GMK set paying homage to the Arch Linux users and lovers while giving back to the community by donating some of the profits towards the Arch Linux Foundation.
Keyset Specifications: 
  • GB Starts: April 30th, 2021 
  • GB Ends: May 30, 2021 
  • Est. shipping time:  Late Q2 2022 
  • Manufacturer: GMK 
  • Profile: Cherry 
  • Sculpt: 1/1/2/3/4/4 
  • Plastic: ABS 
  • Colors: RAL 260 30 05, GMK WS2, RAL 190 70 20, RAL 260 20 05
  • Asero Artisans: 3D - CNC'd Aluminum with white and black anodize splatter 2D - Engraved aluminum with White or Blue Cerakote
International Vendors: 
Oceania - DailyClack
SEA - iLumkb
China - KBDfans
Korea: SwagKeys
Norway: Tastatur (Mekanisk)

Please follow our Discord for info regarding our group buys. 

Due to the nature of group buys, dates can vary and shipping times can change.* The final product may vary in color since the images shown are renders. We work closely with the manufacturer to ensure the most accurate product. 

This product is a group buy and once an order is placed it cannot be cancelled and no refunds can be given. 

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