[GB] GMK Terror Below
[GB] GMK Terror Below
$20.00 - $135.00
[GB] GMK Tako
[GB] GMK Tako
$20.00 - $128.00

[Pre-Order] GMK Civilizations

Color *
Base Kit
Brass Mods
40's / Ortho
Landscape Deskmat
Pillars Deskmat
Rama Brass 1u
Rama White 1u
Rama Brass 2.25u
CraftKey Moaia Dome
CraftKey Egypt Dome
CraftKey Egypt SA
CraftKey Moaia SA
*This is a pre-order. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge the estimated ship date is Q2 2022*

Creating GMK Civilizations brought Twgecko on an ancient history trip around the world when considering designs and colors to use for his set. Incorporating the seven wonders of the world and colors best known during ancient times due to their status and value during these periods, provide a beautiful set that is aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes wherever you may find yourself in the world.

Keyset Specifications: 
  • Est. shipping time: Q1 2022
  • Manufacturer: GMK 
  • Profile: Cherry 
  • Sculpt: 1/1/2/3/4/4 
  • Plastic: ABS 
  • Colors: GMK WS1 and RAL 1024
  • RAMA Artisans: R1 ESC Brass with gold PVD finish and white enamel fill--R1 ESC Aluminium E-White with 465C enamel fill--ANSI Enter Brass with gold PVD finish and white enamel fill.
  • CraftKey Artisans: Made with resin, these are limited to 500 worldwide!
Deskmat Specifications: 
  • 900x400x4mm 
  • Smooth cloth top 
  • Rubber bottom 
  • Stitched edges 

Other Collaborations:

Space Cables GMK Civilizations Cable

Mode Designs Parthenon Artisan

International Vendors: 
UK - Proto[Typist]
S.E.A - Monokei
China - zFrontier
Oceania - SwitchKeys
EU -  MyKeyboard
CA - Ashkeebs


Please follow our Discord or updates page for info regarding our group buys. 

Due to the nature of group buys, dates can vary and shipping times can change.* The final product may vary in color since the images shown are renders. We work closely with the manufacturer to ensure the most accurate product. 

This product is a group buy and once an order is placed it cannot be canceled and no refunds can be given.

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