Durock V2 Screw-In Stabilizer Kit
Durock, the well-known manufacturer of high-quality switches like the T1 and Koala brings their new and improved V2 stabilizer.            Specifications PCB Mounting Style 4 x 2U, 1x 6.25u or 7u Pre-clipped Insert method, no need to clip the feet...
RiftKeys Switch Films
Rift Switch FilmsWe are proud to announce a partnership with RiftKeys Australia and being able to bring the US customer base a new switch film! These films are made from 0.125mm Polycarbonate plastic sheeting and fit perfectly between the top...
RiftKeys GPL 205g0 Lubricant
GPL 205g0 Lubricant - 5ml Container GPL 205g0 is a PTFE Lubricant perfect for all switch lubricating GPL 205g0 is most commonly used in the lubrication of switches, both Mechanical and Optical Mechanical switches to create a smoother feel when typing or...
Riftkeys Krytox 105 Oil
Krytox 105 OilKrytox 105 is a Oil Lubricant perfect for all spring lubrication.105 Oil is most commonly used in the lubrication of mechanical switch springs to create a smoother feel when typing or gaming and to resonate a better sounding switch.Each container contains 10ml of Krytox...
Riftkeys GPL 205g2 Lubricant
GPL 205g2 Lubricant - 10ml Container RiftKeys GPL 205g2 is a PTFE Lubricant perfect for your StabilizersGPL 205g2 Can be used on a range of keyboard lubricating practices from Stabilizers to Switches with light application.We recommend using GPL 205g2 on...
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