Update 8/30/2020 - MiTo x Mechs & Co. Laser R2 Deskmats by Helen Pan are LIVE!

Hi Folks,

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summers to the best that we can during these interesting times.

MiTo x Mechs & Co. Laser R2 Deskmat by Helen Pan

We are proud to announce our next collaboration with MiTo and Helen Pan on the Laser R2 Deskmat collection. There are two mats up for grabs and the design is absolutely stunning. The group buy is set to run from August 28th to September 25th and estimated shipping is December 2020. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to a team member.

Elemental Deskmat Collection

The Elemental Deskmat collection was an absolute hit for us and the community was extremely supportive of our first product. The combined vendor order was nearly 1200 deskmats and we are excited to get these shipped to everyone. The estimated shipping date currently is mid to late October. We will provide updates in our Discord when we get them from the manufacturer. We also plan on having a limited stock of these mats after the group buy orders have shipped.


Salvun has received the material needed to make our prototypes and we are patiently waiting our turn to get them. We are also working out some of the finer details like pricing, dates and a third plate material which haven't been decided yet but we will have a final decision soon. Keep an eye on our Discord server for updates. 


We've been tossing the idea around about running a set of switches however we are still working on colors and what kind of switches. If you have input, please shoot a message in general chat or direct message one of us as we love community input. If we run something, we want to make sure it's something everyone is interested in so it's important we get as much feedback as possible.


From here on out I plan on continuing a monthly newsletter until we get more projects rolling and updates coming in more frequently. We appreciate the continued support from the community and hope everyone will enjoy the future projects we have planned.

Stay tuned!