Update 7/13/2020 - The Site is Live!

Hi folks,

Thank you for everyone's continued support with both our Elemental Deskmats interest check and the Hubble65 interest check. We have had overwhelming interest on both and we cannot wait to launch both products.

The Elemental Deskmats group buy goes live this week on Thursday the 16th and will run for one month. We have partnered with multiple international vendors to make the buying process easier for our internal friends. Please check the Geek Hack thread for more info: Elemental Deskmat IC

The Hubble65 will continue to be in interest check until we receive our first two prototypes. If there are no major issues and we feel they are where we want them to be, then we will start looking at group buy dates. Prototype arrival dates are still TBD. Hubble65 IC

As time goes on, we will be adding more products to the store. The goal is to constantly stock highly sought after products, such as switches, deskmats, and other accessories. Sign up for our newsletter for new items, future stock updates, and group buys.

The Mechs & Co. Team